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Thorough Property Research

The property of your dreams may have a few legal nightmares hidden away. Trust us to research the land's records and the existence of any liens. We look through public records for title defects, missed liens, improperly handled probates, missing signatures, and more. If there are any problems that prevent us from finalizing the real estate transaction, we contact the parties necessary to "clear" the title. Once you have an offer with an earnest value deposit, the transaction is considered valid. The title insurance guarantees ownership and provides protection against claims, so you can be rest assured knowing that your ownership is valid.

Shaking Hands Over a Table

Settlement Services and Escrow

When you need an impartial third party escrow service to handle transactions during closing, trust Tri-County Title Agency, Inc. to explain, obtain, notarize, and transmit documents to the lender for founding authorization in Plymouth, Michigan. Preparation for the escrow process takes one to two days, and the closing takes a few hours. We handle the transaction, including the lender money, and upon closing, the funding is disbursed and after the recordable documents are recorded, the register of deeds of the policy is issued.